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Anatomy of the LFCN: Disc herniation that affects the L2 and L3 nerve roots can also cause symptoms that are similar to meralgia paresthetica. Wearing super tight jeans may cause this compression of the LFCN. The injection can be diagnostic and therapeutic, aiding in the diagnosis. Some people say it is an elusive or obscure diagnosis for many physicians and can be missed or overlooked.

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Usually the patient complains of tingling, numbness and pain as well as sensitivity to touch in the area of the skin Figure 2 innervated by the nerve the outer part of the thigh.

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Jeggings And Tight Jeans Can Cause Meralgia Paresthetica

Many of the treatment options for meralgia parethetica are conservative. This treatment will include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, weight loss, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, and to avoid wearing tight clothing and tight bands around the pelvis. Injury is usually caused by compression as the nerve passes under the inguinal ligament Figure 3. News Politics Entertainment Communities. The condition is usually diagnosed by the patient describing the symptoms on the area of the thigh.

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