Inside vagina view tissue

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The arcus tendineus is an important structure at the pelvic sidewalls. As the pubococcygei relax, the neck of the bladder moves downward. The vagina is where the lining of the uterus is shed during menstruation, where penetration can occur during sex and where a baby descends during childbirth. The bellies of this 1- to 2-cm thick muscle sweep down and posteriorly along the sides of the urethra, the vagina, and then the rectum to insert into a fused median plate that runs from the tissue posterior to the rectum to the coccyx, the so-called levator plate. The change in terms reflects a recent different understanding of this structure. Around mid-cycle, when estrogen is highest, vaginal tissue become thicker and fuller 5.

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The organs of the pelvis must be capable of individual distention to certain maximal limits in the course of performance of their natural duties, and yet they must be endowed with the ability to return to their original state.

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Vagina Overview

This tube is the connection between your uterus and the outside world. The branches given off by this large vessel within the perineum include the inferior rectal inferior hemorrhoidal arteries given off as the vessel rises anterior to the ischial tuberosity. A three-dimensional understanding of the interplay between bones, ligaments, pelvic organs, and muscles helps the gynecologist and pelvic surgeon identify and treat disorders of the pelvic floor. The transverse perineal artery is somewhat smaller, supplies the cutaneous surface of the perineum, and is therefore a source of hemorrhage from laceration of the perineal body. The vulva includes the:. The vagina is attached laterally to the pelvic sidewalls by condensations of connective tissue and smooth muscle intimately adherent to the adventitia of the vaginal blood vessels. A customary route of dissection is identified by the arrows.

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inside vagina view tissue
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inside vagina view tissue
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