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Lots of men manscape, or completely erase their pubic hair, now. Once somebody has bared their body, they are much more likely to bare their soul. In the UK, they normally do a forearm phalloplasty, where they take all the skin from the top of the arm to make the penis shaft. In the morning, the door opens and in comes this woman, in her robe. When I started taking hormones, I felt a complete mix of fear and excitement.

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Half of us had stuff attached to our genitalia.

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My mum talked me into it. And she has had a similar experience with Manhood. I had to make sure it worked. I lost my virginity to the wife of my grammar school teacher. I no longer have an attitude towards masculinity. Like many of us, she says, she is uneasy with her own body. They thought I would end up losing the foot, so I had an elective amputation.

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