Facial nerve conduction study

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Table 1 summarizes the patterns of abnormality used to localize various lesions. Both SP1 and SP2 occur bilaterally after unilateral stimulation. Trigeminal neuropathy with evidence of denervation on EMG often reflects a neoplastic or traumatic etiology. Facial nerve grading system. These measurements are an adequate way for proposing normative values for the electrophysiological evaluation of the temporal branch. Surface EMG activity recorded over the masseter muscle is typically interrupted by two silent periods.

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The parameters studied were the baseline-to-peak amplitudes of distal and proximal compounds of the muscle action potential, the distal motor latency and the conduction velocity.

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Measurement of facial nerve conduction velocity and its application to patients with Bell's palsy.

Standardization of electrode position. Otolaryngol Clin North Am ; Findings on needle exam include low-amplitude, polyphasic MUPs typical of newly regenerated motor units nascent motor unit potentials. Significance of House-Brackmann facial nerve grading global score in the setting of diferential facial nerve function. However, a few points deserve special attention. These innervate the trapezius to a variable degree.

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facial nerve conduction study
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facial nerve conduction study
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