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She was very much in love with Dave, but she was a little insecure. I don't get beaten if I go a cent over budget. My husband took the pre-spanking blogging requirement off of my list for a while but added it back on today because he said we've been getting a lot of emails requesting the blog to be updated. Had she gone too far? You see, Dave was a real find. Anyway, we were grumbling and making comments under our breath but it was all kept to a quiet mutter until lunch at the Snacks By the Sea outdoor cafeteria. It was a busy hall.

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BLAM came the second lick.

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Fussy, fidgeting and simply defiant she had managed to dodge the worst of the spanking. Then his face went hard again. Read on and enjoy! Her young cousin, Cindy, was visiting and Karen wanted to show off a bit. Then a package came in the mail and he took it downstairs to his office without showing it to me. How can I help you? Some seemed to be walking gingerly.

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