Biggest asshole eer

You think this is abuse? So, even crazy cult leaders can be right sometimes. Now, you could argue that Helen Palmer Geisel committed suicide as a result of being depressed from her illnesses and that it had nothing to do with Dr. After sleeping together for three years, Jimmy Page dumped Lori Maddox for a girl who he could legally have sex with, Bebe Buell. Marvin Gaye The soulful singer, who belted out declarations of love and romance, led quite a duplicitous life.

If you really want to get the thetans out of your head, you'll deal with this Erhard guy for me.

10 People Who Need a Trophy For Being the Biggest Asshole

There was…the feeling that he had too many sons needing to be educated and launched into the world, boys he found noisy and difficult to communicate with, boys who seemed to be inheriting the worst characteristics of both side of the family—indolence, passivity and carelessness with money. Does "animal husbandry" mean "dressing like a fucking idiot"? After, he told her not to tell anyone. At least until he decides it's caused by Hispanics. An influential but unconventional Swiss astronomer, Fritz Zwicky is considered one of science's most fascinating personalities.

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