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I knew I was free to get up at any time but deeply wanted to finish the spanking my Mistress was giving me. The girls heard footsteps approaching and the two prefects also stood as a teacher approached. Alice swallowed and then with reluctant steps crossed the room. There was no time to think Mistress had picked up the paddle from the table right next to her. I know you too well for that. I was proud of myself but still firmly under tight control of my Mistress.

Miss Clarke was different though.

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Tap, swwwiiisshhh and a resounding thhhwwacck! I felt two of her fingers find their way and start to rub my inner walls as her thumb worked on my clit. You will stay in position until I tell you otherwise. I had only been there a week before I missed having a nice hard dick to play with. This makes the whole situation real and incredible.

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