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Get it once with mom, then sit and wait for dad to come home. I hate my brother, I'd not turn against him unless he deserved it but he got away with 10x more than I did, we're american, so I don't see how it can be related to any nationality as he got away with more than I ever did, while I got punished for whatever he did though I did tend to help some. He could have just told the cop my mom chose to go through the pain of natural childbirth, not once but twice, by having a homebirth not to mention the millions of others especially in times past, who did it without painkillers. With the exceptions above, for a quick swat or two, the position is always over the knee, while my hands cupped over and protecting my privates. Now for keeping this new info, I just figured out, but it is best I think to keep it a secret. The preparation for the paddling, the pants are down or off, it was usually given over my underwear, sometimes bare bottomed, it just all depends, on who was doing it, and what the offence was, and how many spankings I was getting. Here's an example, God's or since you don't believe in God yet, what you would prefer, nature's wrath, fire, or more specifically a forest fire.

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The spanking is to be on your bottom only nowhere else.

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What works with one might not work for the other, or will work better. For it to be effective you have to be willing to verbally communicate the message and if necessary and if you believe in it use the slap on the hand or the behind to emphasize that message. One reason I hate spanking with objects is that the punisher doesn't particularly have a concept of their own strength and it is easier to lose control. It startled me, "Aaah oh! Sign in Mod The Sims. But this can also be said of your point of view. Dustin was beaten and bruised enough already so in a way I guess I hoped I would forget and so would he, just this one time, but, God knows, there are no exceptions.

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sims spank and thank
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sims spank and thank
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