Shinji cum on asukas face

Surprised, the young girl looked up at him quizzically. I will provide a chapter summary of this chapter at the bottom for those who don't want to read this chapter at all. However this proved to be a wrong move on her part as Shinji grabbed her leg and forced it to stay up with his hip. He tried to relax as he washed the dishes, the warm water only improving his mood slightly. The young boy had gotten irritated with her constant bickering and had decided to just silence her with a kiss. So here I am now writing my first chapter of "Shinji and Asuka", this is probably going to be long story, and I'll try to update when I can. Outraged at the intruder in her mouth, she brought down her teeth on the offending muscle, causing Shinji to quickly pull away.

Truth be told, Shinji had felt great satisfaction at first, but now that it was over, he felt absolutely terrible. Forum - an Evangelion Fan Community

He considered stopping this, but another part of him wanted to finish what he started. Asuka squirmed and struggled even more as he continued the forbidden contact and managed to free her leg. Sweat covered both teens' bodies. He smashed the plate that he had just cleaned on the bench top. All you do in life is make those around you suffer, period. Ha, well you sure think highly of yourself.

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