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Do I have any problem in my womb. Most women are aware of some of the symptoms of PMS around the time of their period. My period was not proper for last two months. But if you are sexually active, and there is a chance that you could be pregnant, always do a pregnancy test and see your doctor. Leave this field blank. Hypothyroidism - this is an underactive thyroid gland and one of the symptoms of this is heavier periods.

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Like fibroids they cause an increase in the surface area of the womb and heavier periods.

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The Menstrual Cycle and Period Problems

This camera can look down onto the uterus, tubes and ovaries as well as around the pelvis walls and outside of the bowels to look for the red-brown spots of Endometriosis. My period was not proper for last two months. Your doctor can take swabs from the vagina to check for a number of infections including gonorrhoea, trichomonas vaginalis, bacterial vaginosis BV for shortthrush, and chlamydia. Laparoscopy - an keyhole operation done under general anaesthetic to look inside your abdomen with a camera to view the uterus, tubes, ovaries, pelvis wall and bowel. My period came the first month or two but I got suddenly ill before they came like I had a stomach bug or a bad flu. When was your last period? Such excessive bleeding can lead to anaemia and the symptoms of looking pale, feeling tired and weak, and shortness of breath.

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nude girls having her period
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