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However, if you like your comedy layered upon multiple levels of meaning, and embedded within a historical and philosophical context, and you're knowledgeable enough to get jokes based upon middle eastern mythology and the slow ascent of enlightenment, you will love this movie. Basically, Jack Black and Michael Cera play their usual characters, just in loincloths. It looked like everyone had fun making a silly film. The trailer was funnier than the movie. Jack Black does his typical over the top stoner performance and Michael Cera gives the emotional boy performance. The climax is ridiculous and quite boring, and this movie is too filled with scenes that aren't particularly horrible, but they aren't particularly funny, and all too often this movie is just a laugh free staring at the screen. He, along with co-screenwriters Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg two guys who are part of the creative think tank on "The Office"craft a complete train-wreck of a film that falls back on everything that's wrong with American comedy.

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Ramis dips lower than the Brits and doesn't fly as high, but there's some wit and for a few moments the Old Testament gets taken for a bracingly wild ride.

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Michael Cera's Wee Problem

I didn't go to see it on the opening night, and then, having read all of the bad reviews here on IMDb, I was pretty put off, fearing that this is one of those movies that don't live up to a great trailer. Oh's also unmistakably interested in girls, proclaiming himself to be a "male virgin," a status he is aiming to lose. Regardless, sitting nose-level with the stage provided me a particularly interesting perspective on This Is Our Youth, on Broadway until January 4. If you liked History of the World Part One you will like Year One as our two cave men progress up through the early years of human civilization and culture, encountering various biblical figures and getting themselves in and out of various tight spots. Another mentions that God may be a woman. As expected his character is crude, idiotic and believes himself to be a genius Casanova I dare you to name any character he has played that this does not describe. Of course, all this is for comic purpose.

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michael cera peeing on his face
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