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Yesterday wasn't a dream. Seriously, he wasn't even willing to spend fifty bucks on mom for her birthday, but he'd blow over two hundred dollars on spices for his horrible meatloaf. Johnny, knowing there was no way out of it, began jerking them both off, pointing both cocks at his face, knowing they would get angry otherwise. Susan and Mary debated simply going to separate parts of the lab and masturbating, but they were more logical minded, and could accept that sometimes two people fucking meant nothing more than two people needing release and finding it with each other's bodies; even if those two people were sisters. To his relief, it tasted like normal salt. Personally I found it a bit of a cop out, but whatever, it and part two were both still good.

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She trusted me with her body and bore through the pain so our bodies could be one.

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She dug one of her hands into my pocket, making sure to go out of her way to brush her hand over my groin, to grab a condom. That's when I heard a frustrated cry from Sissy's room. We basked in the afterglow for a few more minutes until our sexual highs wore off. Her voice was a strange combination of lust and irritation. That's the way it is, and always will be.

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