Huffing cat piss

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I've never even smoked weed, but I firmly support the individual's control over their own body. But then again I have no idea what the chemical make up of cat urine is. I just don't see how you can get high off of cat urine, though, especially concentrated. Your name or email address: It's hard to say how serious people are when they answer because they don't cite sources or use sarcasm tags. Search Media New Media. Apr 25, 7.

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Can you get a psychedelic high from cat urine? This article looks into it! haha

The cat urine episode is based, in part, on reports that surfaced a few months ago about kids saving human feces, fermenting it, and then inhaling the gasses to get high. Yeah it is a great episode, it actually made me watch 'Heavy Metal' for the first time. Can you say, "Excedrin? Major Boobage was the first episode to sail past a million views at South Park Studios. What happens is that it produces a really intense trip for about minutes then the user forgets about it, so basically you have to have a pen and paper on hand once you've come out of your trip. Shampoo A small pot Whisk 1 Squeeze some shampoo into the pot.

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huffing cat piss
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huffing cat piss
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3 thoughts on “Huffing cat piss

  1. You know the scene is trash when people in the comments section are asking for gamertags...