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Borg Ball Stretcher The Borg ball stretcher — one of many ball stretchers from Oxballs — is one of the few that I have personally tried. I might try this with a few smaller things and see what I can get in. This has got me thinking and now I want to go around my house and find things to fuck my ass with Does anyone know of any toys from around the house that could be incerted anally, I have a hobby of inserting "odd" things in my anus. While different people claim that they have different success with cock pumps actually increasing their cock size over time, cock pumping is still a fun thing to try.

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If you have a female in the house that uses disposable douches, you could use and an unopened douche and when you are ready to cum just let the fluids flow from it into your anus as your are ejaculating.

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39 Sex Toys Every Gay Man Should Try

You insert the dildo, which has a hollow chute running through it, then push the eggs in. They come in all different sizes. Creating equal parts pain and pleasure, these are go-to items for nipple play enthusiasts. As you begin your toy sexploration, you will find that, although there are endless naughty novelty stores in the world, good toys are surprisingly hard to find. Nipple Clamps There are dozens of different companies that make nipple clamps.

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household anal stretchers

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