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Marcus Jamal Hopson born July 18,[1] better known by his stage name Hopsinis an American rapperrecord producerdirector and actor from Los AngelesCalifornia. Views Read View source View history. Together with Iain Macduff - unofficial fourth member and studio guru — the band has been following their own esoteric and single-minded path since their formation in Fusing an arsenal of expensive chords with sly self-deprecation and unpredictable lyrical left-turns, The Pure Conjecture posses a charming individuality which is both at odds with and wholly impervious to current musical trends. Getty And then they're contractually obligated to become a terrible heroin-addicted leech on society.

Their attempts to cash in every time a song is even thought about being listened to haven't always been successful, though.

Whitehouse (band)

For the recording of their debut Eaton decided that, in the manner that many 'classic' sessions were committed to tape; the lush orchestral soul of his original demos should be captured as live recording performances in the studio. Still, I was proud to be on their label. You write the song so you don't have to talk about them. Lyle Lovett, after selling over 4 million albums during the course of his career, says he has not seen one goddamn cent. That's because their petty squabbles have a tendency to live forever in album form, for better or worse:. These historical finds don't belong in museums, they belong in horror movies.

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