Difference between cuming and orgasm

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To discover the origins of squirting and the fluid that is expelled during the act, French Gynecologist Samual Salama led a team of French researchers into a study of 7 women who recorded expelling up to a cupfull of fluid during squirting on a regular basis. In reality, it isn't that simple because orgasms also involve the PNS and involuntary contractions of the anal sphincters and other muscles, in the groin and elsewhere, but the simple version captures the main idea. This is where sex addiction comes from, which is why you should never have sex and if you do, don't enjoy it. Filter posts by subject: Yes, the fastest way a man can achieve this is through ejaculation or cumming, which is the release of seminal fluid from the testis, through the prostate, and out through the urethra. Some links you may find helpful:

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Cumming and orgasm are the same thing, really.

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The Average Penis Size 30 4. Trending in Sex Anonymous Did I violate my boyfriend? Difference between cumming and orgasm? What is the difference between orgasm and ejaculation in females? The Truth About Semen 8 7. Related Questions Is female squirting different from a female orgasm?

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difference between cuming and orgasm
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difference between cuming and orgasm
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