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Mucus cycles will vary from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle. I would have sex tonight in case your O prediction is off. The glob of mucus is an occasional post. New to the forum? Is it for testing?

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Fiona Baker July 03,

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Understanding your cervical mucus

After the Peak day there is an obvious change to sticky, tacky, cloudy type mucus or to dry i. As for as pottying, I am very regular and then all of a sudden I'm blocked up for 3 days, and then only to go like 5 times in one day to catch up. It's nice to finally find someone that was on the pill for 11 years, too. All women experience some vaginal discharge as a regular part of life. Just Got My Fertilaid. This article was written by Fiona Baker for Kidspot, Australia's best family health resource.

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thick vaginal mucous blob
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thick vaginal mucous blob
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