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How would you feel if rumors about YOU swept across the nation like that and it was not true? Perhaps these were just pink whispers on the part of those engaged in wishful thinking? He routinely sells out concerts and commands millions in ticket sales. To some people it does — mostly people who are gay and engaged in wishful thinking. Being gay in country music is like finding out John Wayne was gay, cowboy movie fans would suddenly be going John Who? Be sure to come back and share — thanks for the post Martha!

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One thing for sure about Chesney is that the man knows how to put on a show.

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Michael, I think if he is gay and decided to come out, it would massively help his career, not hurt it. Look at most lesbians, uglier than a dude. Man you are so ignorant. People will still love him, he will still sell out concerts and I think he would be much happier. At some point I really hope you grow up and become a man. Those type of hats in the People photo no guys wear that are straight ever. Is Kenny Chesney Gay or Straight?

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