Can you orgasm without testicles

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Why do some people get erections after receiving an extreme hit on the testicles? Is it possible for a person who has undergone a prostate surgery TURP to achieve an erection with Viagra? Related Questions Is it possible to achieve an erection when you're blackout drunk? Often, yes, with manual stimulation, if the testicles are lost earlier in life, because the adrenal glands continue to make some testosterone. What prolongs a strong erection? I do not know how.

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In any case, normal sexual function though of course not fertility can be restored after castration by administering testosterone.

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My life in sex: ‘Since both balls were removed, the anguish never stops’

Is it possible to control or suppress erection? Still have a question? Thank you for your feedback! Is it normal to have an erection without arousal? Is it possible to have erection on purpose?

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can you orgasm without testicles
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can you orgasm without testicles
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