Xxgifs flowers in the attic

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Olivia Foxworth At the start of the story, Olivia is painted as the antagonist, and several brutal actions support this idea. Chris must cut off Cathy's hair or all four children will starve two weeks. I daresay many readers are rooting for some of the couples to get or stay together -- and that's not easy to acknowledge. TV by the Numbers. Corrine's mother, Olivia, a religious fanatic, takes her daughter and her children into her home, though with the harsh condition that the children must be sequestered away in a locked room so that her husband Malcolm who is dying will never know of their existence. I mean, I knew the little brother died from the powdered arsenic doughnuts, but I could have swore there was more arsenic poisoning going on?

The remaining siblings decide to leave the attic once and for all.

Flowers in the Attic

However, things aren't quite so simple. From ghost-written by Andrew Neiderman. Chris stops her, but she threatens to starve them for a week if he doesn't cut Cathy's hair himself. Corrine Dollanganger The beautiful mother of four is eventually unmasked as a selfish traitor willing to poison her children just for money, but she only tried killing them after learning about the clause Malcolm added to his will, right? To ask other readers questions about Flowers in the Atticplease sign up. To that end, the children are shut inside one bedroom of the mansion, only with access to the mansion's attic via a secret stairway. She was also so into the part, that she stayed strictly within the character of the Grandmother all the time, even when she wasn't shooting.

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