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More concerned that filming would interfere with his schoolwork, apparently. Kros was cast when he was 15, but filming had to be put on hold for a couple of years. As it stands, the British beauty's scored five noms, for Best Actress and Best Supporting, but has yet to be called to the podium. We talked a lot and I said, 'I promise you we will laugh about this' because you have to do these things with humour. Carla Berg Alissa Wilms Kross also plays Michael in his 20s. If you rated these less than 6 stars, you have problems.

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The New Yorker, however, called it "borderline bovine".

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First sight: David Kross

How could he love someone who was now accused of such atrocities? Did you help your young co-star, David Kross, prepare for the sex scenes? Of course, when you're a sixteen-year-old boy and a woman who looks like Kate Winslet disrobes in front of you in the privacy of her bathroom, how much thought really goes into the decision that has presented itself? So when the two come together, naked in each other's arms, the meeting is as redemptive as it is passionate. It has a profound impact on their future. It was the most important part of the story and, for me, it's what the film is about. I felt like I didn't belong.

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