Does sex cure a headache

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While doctors have suspected that sex could relieve migraines for years, this is the first time that such a large cohort of patients has been studied, said Alexander Mauskop, a neurologist and director of the New York Headache Center, who was not involved in the study. They asked whether they had tried any sexual activity during a headache attack, and whether it had a positive or negative effect 4. Meanwhile, German researchers with the University of Munster conducted a survey asking migraine patients and cluster headache patients, randomly selected with the promise of anonymity. Meanwhile, about 1 percent of the population suffers from headaches caused by sexEvers told LiveScience. Also, while canoodling may be a good way to feel close to a partner, it probably won't relieve migraine pain, Mauskop said. Those with cluster headaches, however, did not fare quite as well, with about half reporting that sex actually made the pain worse, while a third report it made the pain better. Headache and Migraine Migraine Resources.

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They asked whether they had tried any sexual activity during a headache attack, and whether it had a positive or negative effect 4.

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Sex Headache Cure: For Better or For Worse?

The finding, published in the March issue of the journal Cephalalgia, found that sexual activity relieved the pain of migraines or cluster headaches, severe, one-sided recurring head pains, for up to a third of patients. Almost three in four reported moderate to complete relief and a third reported it worsening. Headache and Migraine Surgery Doubted as a Migraine Reliever Review of two studies finds inconclusive evidence of success. Migraine and cluster headaches have different symptoms and require different treatments. Find out how to pinpoint your personal triggers to limit the Among patients with cluster headaches, about a third reported total or partial relief, while about 50 percent said their headaches worsened. For those who experience relief from migraines during sex, "having an orgasm in any way shape or form will help," he told LiveScience.

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does sex cure a headache
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does sex cure a headache
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