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Our weekly podcast giving you insight into the stories that drive the nation. Last week, the military escorted a small group of journalists around the camp, where hundreds of relatives gather every day in a dusty car park in the hope of news. One of the most depressing aspects of the saga is that, unaccountably, the US military continues to hold five women in solitary confinement at Abu Ghraib, in cells 2. The site's readers have a unique opportunity to get inside the minds of those brave individuals on the front lines of freedom, and obtain a rare glimpse into what it is like to risk your life every day for a greater good. She showed us the stitches. Small wonder the focus points of the photos - bright red in the war-gore pics, pink in the others - are so startling in contrast. The stench from the Abu Ghraib snapshots permeates other pictures from that war.

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While the abuse may have stopped, the US military appears to have learned nothing from the experience.

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In porn, a story of Iraq’s politics

Inside, more than 3, Iraqi men are kept in vast open courtyards, in communal brown tents exposed to dust and sun. Murder of Khashoggi Violation of International Law. Congressmen Urge Trump to Suspend U. In every country in the region except Lebanon, Israel and Turkey, pornography is illegal, in a nod to conservative Muslim sentiment. In the US Supreme Court ruled that obscene work may only "be subject to state regulation where that work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest in sex", is "patently offensive", and "does not have serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value", with prurience being what "the average person, applying contemporary community standards" would think.

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