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The moment passed so fast that Blair would have thought he imagined it, only he had spent lots and lots of hours doing emotional inventories that required him to recognize and catalogue hundreds of emotions an hour in his test subjects. Sandburg's not the only guppy in that twosome. He felt too damn vulnerable, and it was definitely time to change this topic. However, he couldn't help a small cringe because he sort of did, but he warped people to turn against the goa'uld and to see that they were false gods, which was not quite the same. He often "scented" Simon as well but the mornings were Blair's moments.

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Wishing them a good night, I head out.

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Finally he would nuzzle his lover's groin and take him in his mouth, making Blair moan and cry even deeper. He also noted that Sandburg looked a little uncomfortable, his heart rate was definitely faster than normal. Blair was far happier on SG What if he was holed up in some basement of some abandoned building in one of those zones Burton described in his book? Jim already had hold of his one wrist, and Blair waited.

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ellison sandburg spank
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