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He looked into her eyes, hearing her cries of lust, while remaining curiously silent, even to himself. He drank her seeing this decided to position himself at her entrance once again,she reached down and gripped his hard cock, though a bit softer than before. And thats how their relation ship started. She really wanted to get his clothes off but that would mean having him stop touching her which she really didn't want either. She pulled him closer to her until his cock was right in front of her face, and she looked up to see him eyeing her excitedly. The two futa looked to Tifa, who looked to one, then the other and back. Naruto reluctantly pulled himself out of her, but Tifa's greedy sheath did not let any of his seed escape its clutches.

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He let out another long moan before she began to bob her head up and down as she took it about half of his length.

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Tifa Blowjob subbed

When she started to slowly become friends with him, she started to flirt with him just little bit. She could imagine herself riding him for hours, or him bending her over the kitchen table and taking her from behind. Yuffie locked up, Aerith followed suit, and the two discharged rope after rope of liters of cum into the tight confines their dongs were enveloped in. A light pain throbbed from her pussy, but the pleasure of him thrusting in and out of her overwhelmed and squashed the feeling. She savored his taste, the same sweet taste that she had experienced earlier from that dollop of pre-cum. Naruto could feel his release coming, and he desperately wanted her to cum with him. Some moans sounded from the bathroom, the two waited, longer then usual, so much that their hard-ons were half flaccid when the door opened, Tifa stood in the frame, an expression of embarrassment on her face, and sixteen inches of thick, phimosis stricken dick sticking out from the thick bush on her crotch, a set of balls twice as large as Aerith's hanging below.

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tifa gets coverd in cum
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tifa gets coverd in cum
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