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I felt totally empowered. She became pretty self-conscious once she knew I noticed, so to make her less embarrassed, I let out the loudest fart I could! In Night WatchArchchancellor Ridcully is sent from his bath to the front lawn by a magic storm. At first glance, you would think she was this flawless goddess. Goodman, who ends up getting stripped naked pretty much every time she appears.

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Jou tries to get into the bath with a towel while the other boys are nude, so Yamato and Taichi try to strip him.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Clown Sex and the Rise of Funny-Naked Women

Loxie's niece was suckered by another girl into going naked by wearing a wig to hide her identity and is failing miserably. At least not to me. For example, a filler episode very late in the series featured a naked Goku fighting a naked Gotenks after both of them had gotten out of the bath. Hilarity Ensues several times. Also had the crazy old naked man subtype, as well.

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