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The best way to get help is to talk to a GP or someone at a sexual health clinic. Abortion services If you are pregnant but for any reason feel you cannot continue with the pregnancy, then there are places you can seek advice, such as your GP or sexual health clinic who will refer you to an abortion service. Planning a pregnancy If you are thinking of having a baby, your GP will be able to offer information and advice. A sexual health clinic should be able to give you advice about both sexually transmitted infections STIs and contraception. Back to Sexual health services.

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For heterosexual men, this means taking a urine sample for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, and a blood sample for syphilis and HIV.

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Guide to sexual health services

Check here for alerts. I want to be tested for STIs Currently selected. Practice Plus GP services for registered patients — open 8am — 8pm, seven days a week including bank holidays Walk-in Centre — open 8am — 8pm, seven days a week including bank holidays Sexual Health Clinic — Walk-in appointments from 9am Please update your billing details here. What is Practice Plus? As part of your consultation, you may be asked some personal questions, such as your medical and sexual history, what methods of contraception you use, and other questions about your sex life and sexual partners.

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