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The only problem I really see is the type of sealant he used as a finish, unless the plan was to come back, carve off the excess foam and use that as a backer for a good brand od polyurethane caulk to finish sealing the hole where the pipe goes into the wall. DaveInCaz 5 The insulation has two functions: Damon, the OP simply asked what was the best way to do the job. On residential it depends what town, Some are still.

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How to Replace a Light Commercial Compressor.

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Line Sets, Installation & Maintenance Supplies, Supplies

Tester k 54 The poly caulk I refer to, is VERY flexible, and please research this, it has a very long life span, MUCH longer than 2 or 3 years, it should be 15 or 20, long enough to be checked or redone if needed when the house is repainted. People playing or working around the air conditioner may step on the lines. But I guess that's not an option in this case? Causes Insulation may be missing because of the following reasons: Building Science Discussions Pro's Forum:

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refrigerant line set penetration
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refrigerant line set penetration
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