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Kaa continued to swallow, relishing the taste, loving every second of it! The serpent grinned widely, hissing as he caught up to the girl below him. The hypnosis worked just as well as it always had. A smile crept onto her lips as she felt the last vestiges of her will give way to the spirals. The very tip of the tail reached upwards, its scales meeting the soft area of her insides, and vibrated furiously against her inner walls.

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Kaa moaned out in pleasure as Shanti sucked him off, slightly tightening his coil's around her neck while thrusting his cock faster and deeper into her mouth, Kaa giggled at his captives submission, loving the mindless look on her face, at the same time his tail continued to stroke Mowgli's dick, "Your mine, man-cub's. A lost girl-cub was helpless enough, but a lost hypnotized girl-cub? They seemed to shimmer and dance in the light of the fire, or were they actually shifting and changing? Her mind also full of lust, Shanti obediently pleasured the snake's cock. The girl cub's body shivered and swayed as the incredible new feelings overwhelmed her. The white underwear was beginning to show signs of arousal in the innocent young girl. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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