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Jack was about to get Janet's attention when he heard her mother calling for Janet. No response Janet started getting worried the stomach walls where gurgling and squeezing her and the acid was burning her skin. She had a slight tan and blond hair that just reached her shoulders. While the snake was thinking to himself Janet had completely forgot her large starving pet and was chatting away with her other friend Tracy about what her and Michelle chatted about. Janet -5 foot 5 teen double DD breasts nice hips and as happens to get eaten by her pets and friends a lot. About an hour and a half later Jack was getting quite impatient with his owner she has been laying there on her bed for an hour and a half and he was starting to get really hungry. Janet was now texting Susan now about Michelle's story when she heard a loud click she listen to see if it would happen again but all she heard was silence.

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Jack finally got done staring and got down to business he tasted her feet as she started giggling in her sleep.

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Jack even as a snake had to take a moment to admire Janet's body she wasn't very tall she was about 5 foot 4. Finally Janet reached the stomach she looked around and saw a yellowish liquid coming out. Predators Jake the snake — A 22 foot long anaconda loves fresh female meat. Janet just layed there still is registering what just happened. As Jack watched Janet his decision was made quickly because as soon as she came in she changed into pajamas and went to bed.

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