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As beast boy did this he placed sweet kisses up and down. It shall be most joyous! Biting, sucking, scratching, marking, gashing, kissing, everything he did, it never pained her; it only caused her to groan in immense and deep arousal. Leave me alone, sheesh Beast boy found Raven's honey pot very warm and inviting and as he continued his thrusting, he reached around and grasped both of her butt cheeks, gripping them softly as his cock began moving deeper inside of her, before being pulled out once more. He broke away, panting, and lacing his fingers with hers. She grinded their hips together, scraping her nails down his back, leaving light scratch marks for him to remember this moment by.

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Beast boy eventually washed the rest of her body; however once he.

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Raven leaned into Beast boy a second time as she wrapped her arms around his neck and began massaging his bare shoulders slowly, turning on Beast boy even more. They both knew exactly what they wanted; and they wanted it bad. Not going to be outdone by her boyfriend Raven's tongue fought with his as she ran it all over the inside of his mouth and on the roof of his mouth as well as his cheeks. After words, Raven then washed, Beast boy's chest admiring the way the soapsuds fell down his chiseled abs. He gave her a last desperate lick and he reluctantly pulled away, although the fun wasn't over. Beast boy just moaned in response.

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raven and beastboy sex
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  1. Well this girl just proves that deep breathing can be as sexy as (real) moaning.