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But I couldn't say that to the woman who I loved. Beautiful Lizzie sat on me bed. Her voice was like the voice of a little girl, but her request was definitely from a grown-up woman. If I wasn't so heated, I would have wanted to shoo her out of me cabin. I knew that she thought I was handsome, all women did.

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I took me long, reddish white sash that I kept on me waist in the days and ordered Lizzie to sit up.

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She couldn't come up with a coherent response; her entire body was focused on the semi-circles his thumb was making against her clit, her entire being wanted him to dip his fingers, his tongue, his dick inside her. And I cursed meself to the deepest circle of hell, because I couldn't say "No" to her. She lifted her leg and clamped it around his waist, allowing him greater access to her. His tongue, salty and tasting like rum, traced her bottom lip until she opened her mouth to his kiss. I heard her delighted, satisfied moan and I continued back to up. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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