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Something seems to be bothering Beeno's throat and he reveals that Joey shot him in the neck during a past deal. Meanwhile, at Sylvester's house, Rosie, the next door neighbor, tells Sylvester, Twan and Gwendolyn that she could not stand the cop that just left their house causing Gwendolyn, Sylvester and Twan to laugh. Twan saves the day and takes Bankhead's gun and the two flee. Because Chuck has it, it has possibly been passed to Rufus, to his wife Cathy, to Sylvester, and to Gwendolyn. Chapters ".

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Meanwhile, back downstairs, James puts the midget on the table and demands to know why was he at his house.

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The "might be" makes James suspicious. Tina tells Roxanne not to say those things about the Reverend. This chapter reveals it was Twan, Gwendolyn's brother who was just released from prison, who was the one who was shot. In the middle of it, however, Sylvester's wife, Gwendolyn, discreetly covers something on the bed and then jumps on top of Sylvester and begins to go wild. However, he then tells his pimpin' partner, Bishop Craig, that he is never going to "s-s-s-s-s-stop p-p-p-pimpin," because "p-p-p-pimpin's for life. Tina and Roxanne explain that they were on a "simple operation" describing a " trip " to Atlanta. When Sylvester tries to leave, the husband tells him to stay because he wants to reveal a "secret".

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bridget the midget sex gif
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bridget the midget sex gif
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