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Calves of dairy cows are usually separated from their mothers earlier than beef calves. A young female that has had only one calf is sometimes called a "first-calf heifer. An aggressive bull may be kept confined in a bull pen: In fact, like most mammals, cattle are red-green color blind. The outbreaks of bovine spongiform encephalitis or mad cow disease have reduced or led to the prohibition of some traditional uses of cattle for food, for example the eating of brains or spinal cords. Hybrid individuals and even breeds exist, not only between European cattle and zebu but also with yaks, banteng, gaur, and bison, a cross-genera hybrid. Hi Karen, Thanks for your question.

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What’s the difference between a cow, steer, heifer and bull?

Aside from their reproductive duties, bulls are also used in certain sports, including bullfighting and bull riding. One method is a bull maskwhich either covers the bull's eyes completely, or restricts his vision to the ground immediately in front of him, so he cannot see his potential victim. Most of the time, a bull has a hump on his shoulders. Comments So, then what do you call the male if he is not neutered and before he is mature? Those of dairy breeds may be more prone to aggression, while beef breeds are somewhat less aggressive, though beef breeds such as the Spanish Fighting Bull and related animals are also noted for aggressive tendencies, which are further encouraged by selective breeding.

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