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It shows a willingness to make a sacrifice for your brother after all. You can ignore it and pretend like nothing is happening because you know it is a perfectly natural practice for guys to masturbate and would rather not broach the subject in order to save your brother from some embarrassment or you can talk to him about it and suggest that maybe you two can work out a system where each of you makes sure the other has some time alone in the room each day for taking care of business. Still have a question? I assume that both if u know this fact of masturbating in same room but simply both don't express it to each other. Similar he also may rub his penis on bed but without making it dirty. What should I do if my brother masturbates in the same room as me?

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Related Questions When should brothers and sisters stop sleeping in the same room as each other?

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If he continues even after he knows you're awake then you could say something like: Is it okay if an adult brother and sister in their 20s sleep in the same room? What should I do if my husband doesn't make me feel comfortable about myself? In unavoidable coincidence, u both can do masturbation by u rubbing ur breast and he rubbing his penis when lying on bed and facing away from each other. Your brother should at least have the decency to step out of the room and do it somewhere alone or wait for a time you are not at your bedroom. He always masturbates and adds naked women. Answered Jan 11,

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helping my brother masturbate
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helping my brother masturbate
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