Mural Grant Offer

Go Georgia Arts

The Go Georgia Arts with John W. Christian Studios is offering paint a labor free 10’x20’ or 200’sf mural. The plan is to paint and complete a mural in 14 to 30 days (whether permitting). Your only cost is $3000.00 for design fees, paint, supplies expenses. You will also need to supply lodging for one person up to 14 nights. Provide a one man lift or scaffolding and fix any bad spots, cracks, and prep the wall with two coats of Kiln's primer. The wall must be brick, block, motor, or stucco. If you need the mural to be painted on M.D.O. plywood there is a added $6.00 per sf' painted. Also 50 volunteer man hours as part of the prep/install and or event work.

To qualify there are two offers. The first is for cities with populations under 10,000 and the second is larger cities with populations up to 50,000 people. You must be a city, D.D.A., school, or a 501-c3 not for profit group. The wall must be in a public downtown area, or community center.

Our goal is to paint a labor free mural in all nine Georgia Regions state wide.

If your city missed the deadline or do not qualify for the grant and would like to take part in the mural trail or would like us to paint a mural. You can commission us to paint a mural. The cost by square foot and the price ranges from $30.00 to $45.00 per square foot.

Involving the community

to help with your mural or create a event...

Involving the community as part of painting the mural. We can paint the mural around events or festivals you have and or help you create an event or festival with a mural twist. We can bring our mobile art studio and provide art workshops and paint parties for youth or adults during the time we are in your city.   During the day you can bring youth school groups for programs design to promote the arts and include the process of painting a mural with a history lesson about their city by a local historian.

Our event team is made up of local students, interns, and artists from your local area and the Atlanta region with team leader is Artist/Muralist John W. Christian, founder and Artistic Director of Go Georgia Arts, located in Hapeville, Ga. 


The Go Georgia Arts Mural Grant


We try to make this process as simple as we can for you. All you have is twenty questions.

New Grant Offers

(NEW) Project Grants

To All Georgia Cities and Communities With Populations Under 50,000

Project offering for projects to be completed by December 30th 2020.

Your deadline for submission is July 15th and October 15th 2019.


Application Form for the Go Georgia Arts Mural Grant 2018/19

1. Community Name and Population size.

2. Date

3. Address with city and county.

4. City or Government Name.

5. Main Contact with Title, Phone and Email.

6. Second Contact Name, Title, Phone and Email.

7. Address of Project, and Owners Name, Phone and Email info.

8. Scope of Project

9. Mission Statement of Project.

10. Who is the Mural for and what is the Purpose of the Mural.

11. When would you like the Mural to be completed.

12. Where and how does your Mural fit in with the community comprehensive plan.

13. Please include eight to twelve images.

14. List any wording or copy you would like on the Mural.

15. Does your community have any other Murals at this time or past Murals.

16. Does your community or city have an arts program or a local artists, studios, or gallery's. 

17. Does your community have any annual arts events or festivals. 

18. If yes, can you please list them.

19. Signature of Grant Applicant and Title, With Date.

20. If city, signature of Mayor or City Manager

Thank you for your commitment to the arts in your community. If you have any questions please

Mail to: Go Georgia Arts 3280 Sims Street Hapeville, Ga. 30354

email us at [email protected] or call us at 770 380-0420