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Jurors will impose sanctions that aim to repair some of the harm imposed on the victim and community, thereby reducing repeat offending. Other courts employ different structures, such as a judge-panel model which includes a panel of 3 to 6 youth judges who collectively hear, deliberate, and sentence the offender. In contrast to other courts, Teen Court mandates that all defendants serve as jurors from Two to Twelve evenings at future Teen Court cases. Teen Court utilizes the positive impact of peer pressure. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Over 9at-risk teens in the last twenty five years have walked through the doors of the Municipal Courthouse on their way to Teen Court.

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Those classes may include Community Impact Panelswhere shoplifters meet store managers, police officers and loss prevention specialists who explain how shoplifting impacts the community and retail employees.

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Teen court

The youth must take responsibility for their offense before attending their peer review hearing and agree to accept the sentence provided by the jury. Often, sentences will involve the defendant's making restitution to someone harmed or inconvenienced by their actions, or creating an informational awareness project about healthsafetyrespector another topic relevant to the offense. Depending on their training, community support, and agreements with traditional court systems, most teen or youth courts are recognized as valid, legal venues for the process of hearing casessentencing and sentence fulfillment. In many jury-based programs it is mandatory that the offender serve on a teen court jury. A forum for defendants to explain their involvement in the offense A structured environment in which the words and actions of defendants who admit their wrongful acts are evaluated and judged by a jury of their peers The opportunity for defendants to accept responsibility for their actions by fulfilling the jury's sentence of community service hours and future jury duty assignments, both of which are designed to be constructive and rehabilitative.

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