Sex posistions during ptegnancy

Just be aware that with the sudden drop of estrogen after delivery, your libido can plummet and the lining of your vagina thins out, making intercourse feel like you're losing your virginity all over again. Trying to conceive doesn't have to feel like work. Things can start to change once you reach your second trimester and beyond. More from Living and Loving 10 things dads should know about sex during pregnancy 6 surprising pregnancy symptoms — for dads! He can enter you from the back and side, and still have his face next to yours. Pregnancy Sex Look no further!

Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy Sex What's safe, what's not, plus the best expert advice and real-mom tips to make pregnancy sex as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Pregnancy Sex & Your Relationship

Just when you think celeb dads couldn't get any cuter: Again, almost any position is okay as long as it feels good to you. Putting your hands on the top of the headboard at the same time can help you stabilize yourself as well as save your energy and give you more angle options, Van Kirk says. When is having sex during pregnancy risky and when can you just relax and enjoy it? The thing about having sex during pregnancy is that at some point, your go-to positions may start to feel awkward. If you do want to have sex, embrace the ubiquitous three-word Nike slogan.

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