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This can vary from the pure feel of nylons against their legs to sexual arousal. Is it OK for men to wear pantyhose? Nylons Can Contribute to Skin Rashes Another hazard to be aware of is that nylons can exacerbate skin rashes. Women's Health 9 New Ways to Care for Your Vagina After Age 40 Think it's safe to ditch your birth control after a certain age or pat on a little talcum powder to feel fresh down there? For some, it is the fascination of seeing their mother, aunt, or older female friend wear them and how it made them look sensuous and alluring, there fore these men want to feel and look the same way.

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This can vary from the pure feel of nylons against their legs to sexual arousal. Therefore tights and boots became symbolic for me of what I desired passionately but were constantly unattainable. Thicker Stockings Can Conceal Cellulite Although some pantyhose brands tout themselves as cellulite cures, the truth is that stockings can't prevent or reverse the dreaded skin dimpling that affects up to 80 percent of women, according to the Mayo Clinic. Why are people addicted to different things? Related Questions Why am I addicted to pantyhose? Ask your doctor which type is best for your health issues.

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search pantyhose lover
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search pantyhose lover
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