Forced to be a sissy

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My old self was gone and there looking back at me was a gorgeous redhead with perfect glowing skin, jewels for eyes, shapely legs and fuck me red lips. I twisted and turned to no avail. I could not believe how quickly Mistress Colleen had so completely transformed me into a cock-craving slut. This strapon is going balls deep up your ass. She was awesome with her flaming red hair, beautiful face, luscious breasts just barely contained in a black pvc top and matching skirt, revealing shapely legs whose beautiful feet slipped into a pair of five inch black heels. I mumbled an apology, which earned another whack, this one harder. She told me to open my mouth, and quickly shoved a cock-gag into it and fastened it around my head.

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Forced to be a sissy

She whipped my ass with the crop and all but pushed me down into a nearby chair, then picked up a black stocking and threw it at me. She laughed at my plight, then ordered me to lie on my back on the nearby table. He finally slowed and then stopped. Let's make you into a pretty woman. At last Mistress Colleen gave him permission to come, and Randy and I were locked in an incredibly intense dance of orgasm. Watch my first time becoming a sissy.

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forced to be a sissy
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