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I tell the crew I am sorry and I take the call. By the end it consists of little more than manic shrieking, laughing and whispered sentences that are almost impossible to hear. Instead of which she keeps going back to the most gruelling art-house roles imaginable. Sometimes I felt like I was their little mother. I find very little time for me. It is indeed a strange film. They still need me.

She first came to public attention when, aged 23, she starred as the vengeful goatherd in the extraordinarily popular Manon des Sources.

Emmanuelle Béart interview for Vinyan

I thought I would by now, but no. Jeanne becomes convinced he is alive. Sometimes I felt like I was their little mother. My character was about to go through a very difficult moment and I was preparing for it, when my telephone rang. It was my daughter. And she looks so thin. One minute she is warm and friendly, the next cold and standoffish.

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