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If the sphincter muscle of the rectum is damaged, it sometimes can be repaired with surgery. Diverticulosis is a benign disorder but bleeding and infection can occur and are associated complications. A haemorrhoid is a swollen vein inside the anus. Your feedback has been successfully sent. Bowel retraining may be recommended. One study that enrolled 19 patients reported on the use of albuterol a medication that helps to move potassium from the blood to the body cells.

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You can expect to return to work around six weeks after surgery.

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Rectal Bleeding: Possible Causes

Surgery Chemotherapy Radiation treatment The early stages of colorectal cancer may have no apparent symptoms. Sometimes, a short length of bowel may be removed Laparoscopy keyhole abdominal surgery — laparoscopy may be possible in some cases. Haemorrhoids or piles are a type of varicose veins found in the anus. Rectal prolapse occurs when the rectum turns itself inside out and comes out through the anus. Digestive system explained The digestive tract can be thought of as a long muscular tube with digestive organs attached along the way Other forms of treatment for rectal prolapse Surgery is the best option for severe rectal prolapse. Although surgery through the abdomen may give better long-term results, older people may be advised to undergo surgical correction via the anus, since it is easier to recover from this procedure.

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