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In this context, the life of FSWs in Bangladesh is grim and cultural norms and gender issues make the situation worse. The introduction and strict implementation of the law can control the behavior of males towards FSWs. The presence of any type of disorder was less common in women who were forced into the business but more prevalent in those women who did this work to support their families. The hotel is next to spa. Q4 Please provide publisher name in reference Fergus S, Zimmerman MA. That is, FSW who are compelled to enter the sex industry because of other factors than coercion were more likely to develop a mental disorder, or, alternatively, were driven into the sex business because of a pre-existing mental disorder.

Older sex workers engage in unprotected intercourse far more often.

Mental Health and Functioning of Female Sex Workers in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Annu Rev Sex Res I go to there and found it closed. Nowadays I don't like going to flat or any place just for sex. Chapter 4 will conclude the study with recommendations regarding education strategies to bring about change in order to benefit gender relations more generally. In a prostitute's life, she is taken by surprise over and over and over and over and over again. An example is provided by a year-old illiterate woman of Bangladesh from a rural area: Some men are also obsessed with fetishes such as school girls or underage girls.

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