Apply testosternone gel to clitoris

Be your own advocate and things will change for the better. Hair growth on face, lips and chin starts very early. DHT applied to the genitals has been shown to increase penis size in men who haven't been exposed to high levels of DHT prior with less effects the longer treatment is delayed. You are talking about dihydrotestosterone not testosterone. Don't want to turn into chewbacca. I rotate sides and occasionally use my forearms. Anyone else out there care to comment?

I would definately have your hormone levels checked first.

Clitoral enlargement methods

Do you already have an account? Best wishes - ElizaJane Votes: Used correctly it did the trick and gave me a better quality of life. Those last two, to be inserted in vagina with a syringe in the morning at same time. I am calling the doctor on Monday!

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