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Levenshtein distance from Finnegans Wake to Return of the Jedi 12 hours ago. Fantasies of easy and unlimited wealth are part of what got us into this mess. If you enjoy DNR, please follow me on mixclou Confessions of a Community College Dean. This bias does more than inflate the prices of certain stocks; it pressures people running companies to make all sorts of bad decisions from moving into markets where you don't belong Borders to pumping up market share with unprofitable customers Groupon to overpaying for acquisitions too many examples to mention.

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The 19th century saw the introduction of two theories of fetishism outside what was typically considered religion. You Do the Math -- K thru Calculus. Pietz distinguishes between, on the one hand, actual African objects that may be called fetishes in Europe, together with the indigenous theories of them, and on the other hand, "fetish", an idea, and an idea of a kind of object, to which the term above applies. Confessions of a Community College Dean. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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west coast fetish
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