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A vaginoscopy will also allow the veterinarian to look for masses or lesions in the vagina. Most of the predisposing conditions are assumed to be involved, but few have faced the rigors of adequate statistical association and it is unfortunate that no systematic study has been done of the normal variation in anatomical structure and function. She has a few lumps together between that area and her tail. If your dog is pregnant and ready to give birth, pushing to deliver the puppies may result in the bulging and swelling of the tissues. Keep all follow-up appointments and always call the clinic if you have questions or concerns.

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If the cause is vaginal hyperplasia, it will resolve once the effects of the hormones have worn off, but it may take a week or more before that happens; in the meantime keep a close eye on Bella and her urinary habits and return to your Veterinarian if there is no improvement or other symptoms present.

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Vaginal Abnormalities in Dogs

Bastan et al report metstasis of canine transmissible venereal tumour to the uterus and ovaries of a 7 year old dog. Superficial pustules and crusts may be present. They are often inflamed and ulcerated, making it quite contagious particularly if direct contact has occurred during mating, licking or rough play. My dog got this big red thing coming out of her private area and I don't know what to do. Most cases are though to be hypoplasia, but this is probably a misnomer.

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vulva and canine and blackend vulva
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vulva and canine and blackend vulva
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