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He reluctantly pulled away from her and moved down, removing her pants and underwear with ease. He stuck his leg out for her and she slowly undid the laces of his boot. It had worked his advantage as she was more focused on staring at him than winning the game. Of course, that does not mean one should go around screwing the first person they see. Neither John nor Cortana cared a great deal though.

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He kissed her again before pulling his manhood most of the way out, then plunging it back inside her, eliciting another moan from her.

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The Naked Vulnerability of Halo 4

It comes together well, though, or at least it did for me. At the Gym A hand moved to his cheek and Kelly forced him to look at her. John responded in kind, one of his arms coming around the back of Cortana's perfect nude form and holding her closer to his body. Upon this premise, I found the first 4 hours of the campaign to be really uninspired, particularly at those stretches of time between shootouts when the cutscenes were lambasting me with story. One comment that kept turning up response was that this seemed a little unfair, in light of how sexy the sidekick character, Cortana, is in the game. She is mentally deteriorating, and she is afraid.

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